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I feel numb and dumb
I walk like I am stuck in mud

Someone whispering in my left ear
I hear it swish through my right and out

I can see flickering lights
I need to sit tight

I hear my heartbeat like beating drums
Wait, I am slipping out of my body

I can see myself sitting on that couch
My eyes are shut

What is going on
Am I alive

I can hear people from blocks away
Voices filling my mind, Shut up!

How do I get out of this mess
Will I ever

Oh Lord! I have gotten myself into it again
Save me for once,save me

I am trembling,shivering
Eyes blast open

Chills,goose bumps,ice cold sweat
Can’t feel a thing,I am stoned

Eyes open again
Sun is out,I’m awake

I am alive
Oh Lord! Thank you for another day