Helen Of Troy


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She flew into the dominium
Of sorrow,pain and loss
Cheerfully sowing the seed
Of hope,life and contentment
A glimpse of light
In a long winter night
The smell of freshly cut grass
Singing birds and dancing Lilly’s
She had a way with words
A trance of sorts
One mid summer night
Twinkling stars bleeding
Moon fading
Curtains falling
“I’m so sorry”she said
To the beholder locked in it
As she left the jungle that wasn’t hers
Closing all doors
She head out with every good thing
She could find to eat in her arms
To eat in her arms,O Mary!!
“Not to have any arms”



What is, What Could Be.


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It makes you cry
Makes you drown
Leaves you breathless
Chokes you down
Makes you want to die
Makes you want to hurt yourself
You don’t eat
You don’t sleep
You don’t want to talk
You don’t want to listen
Makes you numb
Gets you stoned in time
But you still want it
You still crave for it
You want to feel it,just the thought
Makes you smile and wonder
What could be
Could be great
Would be great
What is,is a small price to pay for what could be
What would be


Pretty Mysterious Girl


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Winter gloom
Clouds grey
Silence aloud
Mysterious pretty girl
Red bag
Naughty smile
Tears in her eyes
Those eyes
Lost in a maze
Piercing through the smoke
Chewing gum
Finding a way in
Barriers,blockage dead end
Round and round
Head spinning
Day night,night day
Pretty mysterious girl


Brother Blues


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There is no stopping
This rain, my heart
Shaken,dumbstruck leaves
Swirled down,memory
Flushed to the ground
And my throat damned again
Let it lose
Sing the trees
But I can’t go there, Brother
My mind won’t go there, Brother
It’s enough I carried your
Picture around town
All hours, today, my satchel
Heavy, ghost in the bag
I carried you like water
A wounded rain
You took the pills
You took yourself away

K Hole


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I feel numb and dumb
I walk like I am stuck in mud

Someone whispering in my left ear
I hear it swish through my right and out

I can see flickering lights
I need to sit tight

I hear my heartbeat like beating drums
Wait, I am slipping out of my body

I can see myself sitting on that couch
My eyes are shut

What is going on
Am I alive

I can hear people from blocks away
Voices filling my mind, Shut up!

How do I get out of this mess
Will I ever

Oh Lord! I have gotten myself into it again
Save me for once,save me

I am trembling,shivering
Eyes blast open

Chills,goose bumps,ice cold sweat
Can’t feel a thing,I am stoned

Eyes open again
Sun is out,I’m awake

I am alive
Oh Lord! Thank you for another day




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There are people dying,
There are people killing,

There are people killing for a greater cause,
There are people who are retaliating with more,

There are thousands being bombeb,
There are many shot in return,

At the end of it all ,people die
Many left behind to cry,

There are people who survive the massacre,
Some kill more to settle the score,

Some die with broken limbs,
Some live only to die of hunger,

In this deadly game,
There are people dying,
There are people killing,

Peace is what we want,
Peace is what we need,

We don’t want to be shot,
We don’t want to be bombed,

We don’t need to be shot,
We don’t need to be bombed,

We need to love,
We need to care,

We need a world with blossoming flowers,
We need a world with smiling faces

We need a world without terror,
There are people dying,
There are people killing

Stop the massacre!!




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The skies are green,the leaves are blue,
The trees are yellow,people are green,
Clouds are orange,moon is gold,
The glass sun is rising,stars are bleeding,
Animals can talk,people are barking,
The living is dead,the dead is alive,
Oh lord! Save me
I don’t want to go there
I don’t want to see the unseen
Oh lord! Save me,
One last time


I Am Human


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I’m not a saint,
But I’m not a devil,

I’m rude to people at times,
But I do feel bad afterwards,

I commit sin
But I know I have,

I can break a heart,
But I will try hard to fix it,

I do lie
But then I have an urge to tell the truth,

I don’t like a few,
But I wish well for them,

I can be mad at people,
But I would never hurt anyone,

I am not perfect
I am human


Life Changer

narrow raod

One narrow road,
Two monsterous trucks,

One small car,
Five precious lives,

One sun setting,
Vast skies sent to darkness,

One world froze,
Cut thousands of dreams short,

Five lives taken away,
Many sorrows left to stay,

One world melted again,
Many drops slid down the face,

One heart stopped,
Many thoughts ran through the brain,

One narrow road, two monsterous trucks,
A few twisted pieces of metal, some shattered glass

Many hearts broken,
Everything taken away.